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Latest posts in the whole of Lanzarote

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For sale: New Ladies Tryke - 0 replies

Paul 47 Posted by Paul 47 in Buy and sell items in Playa Blanca on Sun Jun 16, 2024 6:58pm

For sale brand new Ladies tryke, unwanted gift.Cost 400€ when purchased

I live in playa blanca buyer will need a van to collect it.

Or thay can ride it away.

Getting registered in lanza - 2 replies

Carlos raymondos Posted by Carlos raymondos in Introduce yourselves in Puerto del Carmen on Fri Jun 14, 2024 1:05pm

Hi guys, and thanks for letting me into this forum. I'm currently working in the UK (I'm English) in a hospital. We travel to lanza every 3 months and I'm very interested in exploring the possibilities of working in arricife hospitals. They have asked me to register via cl@ve or the gobierno de espana website. Here is where I'm failing. I dont have a DNI/NIE. has anyone any idea that may help me. Thanks in advance. Hasta luego, I'll be there again in 2 weeks God willing 

Weather in La Asomada - 1 replies

Benseb Posted by Benseb in General La Asomada discussion on Tue Jun 11, 2024 1:17pm


we’re looking at purchasing a villa and La Asomada is on our shortlist. 

The area looks lovely but with it being more inland is it cloudier/colder?

we’re only over for a few days and with it being a new area for us would like some advice from others. 


For sale: Bags of BBQ charcoal - 2 replies

Marshmelon Posted by Marshmelon in Buy and sell items in Playa Blanca on Sun Jun 9, 2024 11:21am

We have a job lot of around 8 bags (opened) of BBQ charcoal all kept on shelves in garage..can send a photo if required…

Transport from airport to Playa Blanca - 2 replies

emhall19 Posted by emhall19 in Taxis in Playa Blanca on Fri Jun 7, 2024 6:18am


my family and I (2 adults and 2 teenagers) are travelling to Lanzarote for our holiday on 3rd Jul arriving at 8pm. I am trying to organise transport from the airport to HL Club Playa Blanca and was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips as transfers can be quite pricey and we’re on a budget. 

NEW LETTING LAWS - 5 replies

Panama Posted by Panama in General Playa Blanca discussion on Wed Jun 5, 2024 8:58am

Dear All,

I understand that new letting laws are due to be implemented on the Island by the end of this year. Though I hear that the exact details are yet to be thrash out I am keen to know if is expected to affect the letting to family and friends ? We have a property there, and have no desire to advertise it as a holiday let on AIRBNB etc and run it as a business,  but we do want to continue to let family and friends enjoy staying there for a nominal cost to cover cleaning etc.

Does the forum think that if we do continue to let F and F stay we will still come under the same scrutiny as a full-time holiday let and would therefore go through the same onerous red tape process, engage an accountant etc ?



Lost: Lanzarote Airport - 0 replies

Caroline01 Posted by Caroline01 in Lost and found in Arrecife on Mon Jun 3, 2024 4:44pm

I left my laptop at security yesterday in Lanzarote airport. I've tried calling the numbers that are up online but no luck. I've tried emailing the contact email cited online  [email protected]  but all being returned as undeliverable. Any suggestions? Thanks 

Buying a new build - 2 replies

Benseb Posted by Benseb in Moving to Costa Teguise: tips and advice on Sun Jun 2, 2024 2:07pm


We’re loooing at purchasing a villa, potentially Costa Teguise but nothing confirmed yet. 

Some of the properties we’re looking at are new builds. As we won’t be living there permanently we’re considering letting it for the rest of the time. Not sure yet but it’s an option. 

So obviously New Builds have never had a VV License for letting as a holiday let. 

What’s the current availability of these licenses. I’ve read a lot about this but it seems it’s changing all the time, seemingly a few less obstacles now that the courts have stepped in

We’re not 100% set of letting it out we may just keep it for ourselves but would be nice to know the likelihood of getting one. 

Similarly if a property already has one I understand they are non-transferable upon sale ? But can it be presumed if it’s already had one it’s just some paperwork to apply for a new one (ie easier than a property that’s never had one??)

Many thanks. 

Tias taxis - 1 replies

Steve 1957 Posted by Steve 1957 in Buses, trains and public transport in Puerto del Carmen on Tue May 28, 2024 3:14pm


I’ve been using tias taxis for almost 7 years 

Just lately the seem to have got aggressive and very rude.

Anyone else feel the same

Anybody out there in Playa blanca that can take curtains up? - 0 replies

Alan1827 Posted by Alan1827 in General Playa Blanca discussion on Mon May 27, 2024 1:22pm

Curtains taken up

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